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Study Program

All students of the DILS graduate School follow the doctoral study regulations “Bioinformatics” of the Faculty of Technology.

Details on the regulations can be found here.

The main elements are:

  • Supervision: Each student are assigned at least two PhD advisors.
  • Reporting: Annual reports and progress talks.
  • Study program: Together with the scientific coordinator and their advisory team, students develop their individual study program.
  • Transcript: In a final transcript, all accomplishments are appreciated.


An individual study program comprises various academic efforts and achievements:

  • Dedicated courses in the field of bioinformatics: Appropriate courses are indicated in the electronic course catalogue. Furthermore, external courses such as lectures at partner institutions, summer schools or tutorials can be acknowledged.
  • Group seminars: In group seminars, own research as well as scientific literature is presented and discussed.
  • Organization of workshops: Organizing or conducting a workshop provides the opportunity to acquire knowledge that is relevant in a scientific context.
  • Teaching assistance: By assisting in teaching, students acquire skills in didactically preparing and concisely presenting matters, speaking freely to a group, and leading discussions.


  • Publication: By publishing own research work, students learn to present (intermediate) results comprehensibly despite page limits, and to embed it into the current state of research. Furthermore, the participation in scientific conferences allows for exchange of ideas and experiences with other researchers. For a contribution (as author or co-author) to a pertinent international conference, credits can be acquired, including presentations (talk or poster); also for articles (as author or co-author) in a pertinent international journal. By participating in the peer-reviewing process, aspects such as critical assessment and objective discussion of scientific work is practised.
  • Mentoring of Master, or Bachelor thesis projects and student projects.


  • Additional qualifications: Credit points can also be issued for acquiring PhD related qualifications outside the students own professional fields such as, for instance, foreign languages, patent and copy rights, business economics, or project management.
  • Research stay: Within the scope of research stays at cooperation partners, students investigate further related research topics during research projects, practice exchange of ideas and experiences with other researchers, can gain inside into different work environments and methods, and gain new or intensify contacts.