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DILS Seminar

Summer Semester 2020

Tuesdays, 14:15, ekvv

Corona version: Online via Zoom. Details via email.

This seminar is dedicated to members of the graduate school, but guests are always welcome.

The topics presented are determined by the research interests of the graduate school. Current publications are selected, discussed and used to present the current knowledge on the research fields of interest. The main aim of this seminar is to keep the participants informed on the current developments and to critically discuss recent developments.

This semester, DILS members introduce their PhD projects.

Date Name Topic
21.04. all organizational matters
12.05. Roland
19.05. Roland Alignment-free phylogenomic splits
26.05. Tizian Detecting High Scoring Local Alignments in Pangenome Graphs
02.06. Donat Machine learning based analysis of crop regulatory networks
09.06. Benedikt Characterization of the genetic potential of biogas microbiomes by meta-analysis of metagenome datasets
16.06. Tom Differential Expression in Metatranscriptomes
23.06. Katharina Pangenomic approaches for plant datasets
30.06. Andreas Software for computational pangenomics
07.07. Sebastian Service Bioinformatics: Applications in the field of 16S rRNA amplicon-based phylomics
14.07. Janik Machine learning approaches for the characterization of biological systems